Hello, I’m Marving 👋🏽

Full-Stack Developer
& SEO Expert

I help companies reach their goals by designing and building human-centered digital products.

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At Agency side, Client side or as Freelancer

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Side Project

Freel: All-in-one SaaS for Freelancers in Canada

Freel: The all-in-one tool designed by Canadian freelancers, for Canadian freelancers, eliminating low-value tasks to let you focus on your craft.

Postgre SQL
Open AI
Freel: All-in-one SaaS for Freelancers in Canada screenshot
Side Project

Customer Stories generation

Case Steady is a B2B SaaS allowing companies to quickly produce high qualitative Customer Case Studies

Postgre SQL
Open AI
Customer Stories generation screenshot
Side Project

AI Dream interpretation

DreamSpeak.ai is a SaaS powered by AI to interpret users' dream based on their data.

Postgre SQL
Open AI
AI Dream interpretation screenshot
Rental Property Marketplace

Guadeloupeloc: journey to the heart of Guadeloupe

Guadeloupeloc is a tourist accommodation rental platform in Guadeloupe

Prismic headless CMS
Tailwind CSS
Prisma (ORM)
Guadeloupeloc: journey to the heart of Guadeloupe screenshot

7shifts: Restaurant Team Management Software

7shifts is a user-friendly software designed for restaurant employee scheduling. It simplifies tasks such as creating schedules, managing timesheets, facilitating team communication, handling tasks and tips, and ensuring labor compliance. I am working on the Marketing website as a Developer.

Sanity headless CMS
Osano Consent
7shifts: Restaurant Team Management Software screenshot
Side Project

Dataaxy: Niched job board and reverse job board

Dataaxy Jobs is the first job board and reverse job board specialized in the Data & AI professions.

Postgre SQL
Prismic Headless CMS
Dataaxy: Niched job board and reverse job board screenshot
Chrome Extension

Career Nudger

"Career Nudger" is your personal guide through the challenging job application process. Our mission is to empower job seekers with insightful, personalized, and actionable recommendations that help them stand out from the competition.

Defer background jobs
Career Nudger screenshot

OkDiver: Diving spots directory

Diving spots guide that allow users to scroll among all the best diving spots in the world and digitalize their dive log. Built in 2-weeks during Le Wagon's bootcamp.

Ruby on Rails
Postgre SQL
Stimulus JS
OkDiver: Diving spots directory  screenshot
Freelance customer

Le Toasteur Brunch Restaurant

Le Toasteur is a brunch restaurant located in Montreal that needed a showcase website with headless CMS (Prismic).

Prismic Headless CMS
Le Toasteur Brunch Restaurant screenshot

Skills & Tools

HTML screenshotHTML
CSS screenshotCSS
Tailwind screenshotTailwind
Sass screenshotSass
Javscript screenshotJavscript
React screenshotReact
Next.js screenshotNext.js
Node.js screenshotNode.js
Express screenshotExpress
MongoDB screenshotMongoDB
Prisma screenshotPrisma
Prismic screenshotPrismic
PostgreSQL screenshotPostgreSQL
Bootstrap screenshotBootstrap
Ruby screenshotRuby
Ruby on Rails screenshotRuby on Rails
Python screenshotPython

3 different ways I can help you

Full Stack Developer & Front End Developer

Front End Development

Transform your website into a seamless and visually stunning user experience with top-notch development skills.
Web Designer: UX & UI..

UX/UI Design

I like bridging the gap between programmers and business objectives through UX/UI.
Search Engine Optimization Consultant


My first love of the web, which is a pillar of a well executed Acquisition strategy.
Back-end Developer

Back-end Development

I like having a good understanding of every web's backbone.
Marketing 360: Analytics, SEA..

Marketing Analytics

As an entrepreneur, Data Analytics is my way of implementing the Lean Startup principles.
SEA Specialist

Search Engine Advertising

As a Digital Marketer, I used to propell the customers' acquisition strategy through paid ads.

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