Things I’ve made to make a mark in the digital world

Throughout my journey as a digital entrepreneur, I've launched numerous projects, each with a customer-centric and product-builder mindset. Some projects have led to successful businesses with recurring revenue, while others are still in progress or have served as valuable learning experiences. Here are the projects I’m most proud of:

  • Freel


    Empowering freelancers to manage and grow their businesses with an intuitive and efficient


  • Dreamspeak


    Leveraging AI to provide insightful dream interpretations and personalized guidance.


  • Case Steady

    Cofounder, CTO, COO

    Revolutionizing case study creation with automated tools and AI-driven insights.


  • Dataaxy


    Job board and reverse job board specialized in the Data & AI professions.


  • Tourcrib

    Cofounder, CMO, COO

    Travel experiences platform that connects travelers to local guides.


Each project represents my dedication to innovation and problem-solving, adapting my role to meet the needs of the venture, whether as COO, CMO, or a versatile full-stack developer. If you’re interested in any of these projects, I’d love to share more about my journey and the lessons learned along the way.