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Le Wagon Bootcamp Web Development Feedback


If you've landed on this page, chances are you're curious about the Le Wagon Bootcamp and are seeking a comprehensive review. Well, you're in luck! I'm Marving Moreton, an SEO Expert who took a leap into the world of web development, and I've been there, done that. I’ll give you my honest opinion on the Web Development Bootcamp at Le Wagon. Let’s dive right in!

About Marving

Before we delve deeper, allow me to introduce myself. I wore the hat of an SEO Specialist for over three years before deciding to take the plunge into full-stack development.

While my prior experience in digital marketing involved building websites using CMS platforms like WordPress, my hands-on coding knowledge was limited mostly to some HTML and CSS. Beyond that, the world of web development was uncharted territory for me. If you're curious about the journey that led me here and the professional milestones along the way, dive into my story or take a peek at my LinkedIn profile.

Le Wagon Bootcamp Batch of Marving

Why I have chosen Le Wagon Bootcamp

The famous question, right? I think it’s only right to answer to the question before that being:

Why have I wanted to become a Full Stack Developer

Long story short (feel free to checkout my youtube video on that topic if you want the long version!), thanks to my entrepreneurial experiences, I have been navigating in the web ecosystem and close to Designers and Developers which arouse in me a passion for products and building stuff. To a point where I have felt frustrated of not having the skills to build stuff myself!

The straw that broke the camel's back is when I have joined the Centech (famous incubator in Montreal) with a startup idea of mine, recruited a CTO, and the CT0 left me one week before the Demo Days (pitch in front of investors)... One week before!

That is when I said no more. Connecting the dots… It’s time for me to be the master of my ship. 

Feel free to checkout my Youtube video were I go deep in the explanation: (coming soon)

Why selecting this bootcamp particularly

After extensive research, I was drawn to Le Wagon. I have heard of it while still being in France, again in Martinique… So I was familiar with their universe. Their hands-on approach, renowned curriculum, and alumni success stories made the choice a no-brainer for me.

What Le Wagon Offers

Le Wagon Bootcamp offers a comprehensive nine-week program that delves deep into web development. From learning the basics of coding to building intricate web applications, this bootcamp has it all. Moreover, the supportive community and highly skilled mentors at Le Wagon ensure you never feel lost in the vast sea of coding.

Pros & Cons of Le Wagon


  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Le Wagon provides a wide-ranging curriculum that covers both front-end and back-end development, ensuring that students come away with a full-stack perspective.
  • Practical, Hands-On Learning: Le Wagon emphasizes learning by doing. This means you spend a lot of time coding, working on projects, and applying what you've learned in a practical way.
  • Real-World Projects: Towards the end of the course, students work in teams on real-world projects. This not only gives students a chance to apply what they have learned, but it also provides a valuable addition to their portfolio.
  • Career Support: Le Wagon provides solid career support including helping students with job hunting, CV writing, and interview preparation. Some batch are also getting a career week at the end of the bootcamp. (leading the full length of the bootcamp to 9 weeks + 1 week)
  • Community: One of the biggest advantages is the community. You'll be joining a network of alumni worldwide who can provide advice, support, and job opportunities.


  • Intensity and Pace: The bootcamp is intense and fast-paced, which might be difficult for some students. It requires full dedication and can be exhausting. Be sure to be commited.
  • Cost: Le Wagon, like most bootcamps, can be quite expensive. While they do offer some scholarships and payment plans, the cost can still be a barrier for many..
  • Limited Time on Certain Topics: Given the breadth of topics covered and the limited time of the bootcamp, some students might feel they didn't get to dive as deeply into some topics as they would've liked. Such as Javascript. You’ll spend a small week exploring Javascript.
  • Depends Heavily on Self-Learning: Even though it's a guided program, a lot of the learning comes from the student having the right mindset to keep pushing along the day and sometimes spending extra time outside of class to practice and reinforce what was taught during the day.
  • Job Guarantee: Unlike some bootcamps, Le Wagon doesn't offer a job guarantee. While they provide career support and help with job hunting, they don't guarantee you'll find a job after the bootcamp. Although, on average, students find a job 4 months after finishing the bootcamp.

Preparation Before Joining

Before diving in, it's essential to have a foundational understanding of what you're getting into.

Le Wagon will give you a full curriculum of video courses that you should follow before the beginning of the bootcamp. At my time, it was the basic courses on HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby on

It should take you approximately 20 hours.

Tips on preparing yourself

Prepwork is like the snowball effect

Make sure to really follow the prepwork tutorial courses. It really matters. Not that you will not go over the same concept during the bootcamp (no worries, you will), but the fact that you’ll have “pre-assimilate” those concepts - even if you do not master them - Will propel you during the bootcamp as you’ll learn faster thanks to you having done your homework.

It should be your main focus during the 9 weeks

The bootcamp is really intensive. So make sure to NOT plan any big night during the weekdays, and try to chill as much as you can during the weekend.

Acquiring a portable monitor

This one is optional, but I’ll strongly recommend it. As you can guess, Le Wagon will not make a monitor at the disposal of every student. Hence, you’ll end up working and coding on your personal laptop (usually a 13’ screen, right?) - Which is believe me, really not optimal to code left alone - So learning how to code - Even harder.

Therefore, that’s why one week after the start of the bootcamp, I have quickly invested in a portable monitor. You can find some below 100$. 

The one I have taken is the following Asus ZenScreen which did a great job (and I am still using it when I am working remotely abroad):

asus portable monitor from Amazon

ASUS ZenScreen 15.6” 1080P Portable USB Monitor

During the bootcamp

Brace yourself for nine weeks of intensive, hands-on learning. There were times I felt overwhelmed, but the camaraderie among batchmates and guidance from mentors kept me going. We worked on real projects, simulating the demands and challenges of the actual web development world.

Tips on living the full bootcamp experience

Push your boundaries

Every day, you’ll have some “mandatory” exercises and some that are “optional”. Try your best to get to the optional every single day, and to do them. Of course, it’s almost impossible to get t that level every single day (I think I got to that level only 5 times during the whole bootcamp lol), but try your best to do it.

Like I said above, the ROI with this bootcamp depends on your implication and your willingness to go the extra mile to learn. Even if you fail at trying, try as much as you can. The Teacher Assistant will be here to help you either way. And worst case, you’ll get the correction afterwards.

Stay for the networking events

Stay as much as you can for the networking and batch events. Not only to have fun (most important one!) but also to network!!

The people who are doing the bootcamp with you will be part of your Web Development network tomorrow. Actually… Even better. You don’t know it, but your buddy* of week 1 might be the one that will recommend you to his employer 2 months from now.

*buddy: At Le Wagon, you have a buddy system, where each day you’ll have a partner with whom you can interact if you are stuck on an exercise.

Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp with OKDiver participants

Post Bootcamp

The learning doesn’t stop once the bootcamp concludes. With the skills I acquired, I began working on personal projects and even landed freelance opportunities. The network and community built during those nine weeks have proved invaluable, even post-bootcamp.

You will also have a career week right after the end of the bootcamp.

Tips on what to do after the bootcamp

Only the beginning.

Embrace Continuous Learning.

Recognize that graduating from Le Wagon is merely the commencement of your developer odyssey. Web development is a dynamic field, constantly evolving, and the demand for reinvention is ceaseless. Stagnation is not an option; you must perpetually be in learning mode.

Depth Over Duration.

While a two-month intensive course equips you with a robust foundation, it's just scratching the surface of the vast world of web development. It's not so much that there will be gaps in your knowledge—Le Wagon ensures a comprehensive curriculum—but post-bootcamp, it's crucial to delve deeper and maintain the momentum.

Emulate the Structure - Create a routine.

One of the strengths of the Le Wagon Bootcamp is its structured approach, condensing vast knowledge into a nine-week intensive. Once the course concludes, some individuals grapple with the sudden absence of that regimented environment, leading to a potential dip in progress and momentum.

To maximize your chances of success and continuous growth, it's pivotal to emulate the structure you've become accustomed to during the bootcamp.

A Suggested Routine:

  • 9 am - 12 pm: Dedicate this window purely for coding. Dive into platforms like Leetcode or Codewars, revisit the challenges you faced during the bootcamp, or initiate a side project targeting real-world issues.
  • 1 pm - 4 pm: This period is reserved for professional development. Actively apply for jobs, connect with industry peers, fine-tune your networking pitch, and immerse yourself in the broader developer community.

PS: if you’d like some guidance on how to apply, how to prepare for an interview, drop me an email, I’ll be glad to help you out!

Keep Expectations Grounded and Stay Resilient

The Job Hunt Marathon.

Let's level with each other: unless you're a web development prodigy, landing your dream job right after the bootcamp is unlikely. I firmly believe that unless I've sent out at least 100 applications, I haven't truly tested the waters.

While persistence is key, it's also essential to understand that everyone's journey varies. Some might secure a role within a month, while others might require a longer span. It's not a race but a marathon, where individual pace and endurance matter. The critical aspect is not to get disheartened or compare your journey to others. Everyone's path is unique.

Financial Foresight.

A related piece of advice, and this cannot be emphasized enough, is to be financially prepared for this transitional phase. Ideally, having a cushion of savings to cover at least six months of your living expenses post-Le Wagon is wise. It gives you the freedom to focus on finding the right fit rather than rushing into the first opportunity for financial reasons.

Final Thought

Le Wagon Bootcamp was a transformative experience. It bridged the gap between my previous Marketing & HR experiences, SEO expertise and the burgeoning world of web development. If you’re considering a bootcamp, Le Wagon stands out with its blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and unmatched community support.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Dive in, immerse yourself, and watch as doors to new opportunities swing wide open!

A Note to Webmasters, Designers, Digital Marketers, Web Integrators, Vanilla Developers

If you're already entrenched in the realms of web and development, you might be deliberating between self-learning and hopping on the Le Wagon train.

Self-Discipline & Drive.

Ask yourself: Are you intrinsically motivated? Can you set goals and maintain discipline without external nudges? If not, the structured regimen of the bootcamp might be the accelerator you need.

Financial Considerations.

Another pivotal factor is the investment. While Le Wagon comes at a cost, it's essential to gauge the value. Will the bootcamp put undue financial strain on you? If not, it could be a worthy investment.

I walked a mile in those shoes. I genuinely believe I could've navigated the self-taught route. However, the allure of achieving in two months with Le Wagon what might have taken 6 to 9 months on my own was compelling. I took the plunge, and I'm better for it!

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