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Le Wagon Bootcamp Review

A comprehensive review and insider's guide

In the coding world, bootcamps are as commonplace as coffee in an office pantry. They're the quick caffeine hit to the slow brew of a Computer Science degree.

Le Wagon Bootcamp Montreal batch 931 - Graduation Full Stack Developer

One name that's been brewing steadily in the coding bootcamp market is Le Wagon. With its promise to turn coding novices into employable programmers in just nine weeks, Le Wagon has caught the attention of many aspiring coders. But does it live up to the hype? Let's find out.

Origins and evolution of Le Wagon

Le Wagon journey began in Paris, back in 2013. Two brothers, Boris and Romain Paillard, saw the need for a coding school that was both practical and accessible. Since then, Le Wagon has grown into an international coding bootcamp with over 40 campuses worldwide. It's a bit like planting a coding seed and watching a coding forest grow!

Scope of courses: what does Le Wagon offer?

Le Wagon offers three main courses: Web Development, Data Science, and a special track for aspiring entrepreneurs. They promise to take you from zero to coding hero in just nine weeks. It's like going from crawling to running a marathon in record time, don't you think?

Teaching approach and curriculum: Le Wagon's unique pedagogy

If you're thinking Le Wagon is all about lectures and textbooks, think again. They use a project-based approach, where you learn by doing. You'll build actual web applications and solve real data problems. It's a bit like learning to swim - you can't really do it without getting wet.

Full Stack Web Development Program: an overview

So what does their flagship course entail? Think of it like building a house. You learn to lay the foundation with HTML and CSS, build the walls with JavaScript, and install the plumbing with Ruby on Rails. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped to build your own web applications from scratch.

Data Science Program: what you need to know

What about their Data Science program? Here, you'll dive into the world of Python, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. You'll also dabble in SQL and other important data tools. It's like learning to be a detective, but your cases involve data instead of crime scenes.

Reviewing the learning experience

The classroom isn't your typical lecture hall. It's an interactive space filled with diversity and collaboration. You know the saying, "learning is not a spectator sport"? Le Wagon takes it quite literally. Their teachers are industry experts who guide you on your coding journey, always ready to answer questions and provide insights. It's like having a personal coding coach!

Practical learning: projects and assignments

Le Wagon's bootcamp isn't just about learning to code; it's about learning to build. Throughout the course, you'll work on group projects that mirror real-life tech startup scenarios. Imagine being part of a mock tech startup team, building a product from scratch, presenting it to a group of peers. Sounds exciting, right?

The impact of Le Wagon bootcamp: success stories and case studies

There are numerous stories of students transitioning into fulfilling tech careers after attending Le Wagon. Some have even launched their own startups. It's like watching the proverbial caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies.

Pros and cons: Weighing the options

Of course, no coding bootcamp is perfect, and Le Wagon is no exception. On the plus side, it's praised for its comprehensive curriculum, supportive learning environment, and robust job support.

On the downside, the intensive pace can be challenging, and the tuition fees might give your wallet a bit of a pinch. But as they say, "nothing worth having comes easy", right?

Pros about the Full Stack Developer Le Wagon Bootcamp

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Le Wagon provides a wide-ranging curriculum that covers both front-end and back-end development, ensuring that students come away with a full-stack perspective.
  2. Practical, Hands-On Learning: Le Wagon emphasizes learning by doing. This means you spend a lot of time coding, working on projects, and applying what you've learned in a practical way.
  3. Real-World Projects: Towards the end of the course, students work in teams on real-world projects. This not only gives students a chance to apply what they have learned, but it also provides a valuable addition to their portfolio.
  4. Career Support: Le Wagon provides solid career support including helping students with job hunting, CV writing, and interview preparation.
  5. Community: One of the biggest advantages is the community. You'll be joining a network of alumni worldwide who can provide advice, support, and job opportunities.

Cons about the Full Stack Developer Le Wagon Bootcamp

  1. Cost: Le Wagon, like most bootcamps, can be quite expensive. While they do offer some scholarships and payment plans, the cost can still be a barrier for many.
  2. Limited Time on Certain Topics: Given the breadth of topics covered and the limited time of the bootcamp, some students might feel they didn't get to dive as deeply into some topics as they would've liked.
  3. Job Guarantee: Unlike some bootcamps, Le Wagon doesn't offer a job guarantee. While they provide career support and help with job hunting, they don't guarantee you'll find a job after the bootcamp.

Financing your bootcamp journey

Speaking of tuition, Le Wagon does offer some options to ease the financial strain. Scholarships and financing options are available, and they also offer a deferred payment plan. It's a bit like investing in your future. After all, education is the best investment, don't you agree?


If you're passionate about coding and ready to commit to an intensive learning journey, Le Wagon could be your ticket to a career in tech. It might not be easy, and it will definitely challenge you, but as they say in the coding world, "pressure makes diamonds."

And now, some frequently asked questions:

  • What is the admission process for Le Wagon like? Well, it starts with an online application, followed by an interview and a coding challenge. Think of it as your first taste of the coding world!
  • How rigorous is the course structure? Imagine a bootcamp workout, but for your brain. Yes, it's intensive, but it's designed to make you job-ready in just nine weeks.
  • Can I balance Le Wagon's bootcamp with a job or university studies? Well, it's like juggling balls. Some manage it, some don't. But remember, the more balls you juggle, the harder it gets!

So there you have it, a comprehensive review of Le Wagon bootcamp. If you're contemplating taking the plunge into the coding world, we hope this has been helpful. Remember, as they say, "the journey of a thousand lines of code begins with a single keystroke." Happy coding!