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What Is Our Fully Managed SEO Plan? 🧐

Discover the essence of effortless online growth with our Fully Managed SEO Plan. This service isn't just about boosting rankings; it's about crafting a unique SEO journey for your website.

Under the guidance of a dedicated Campaign Manager, your SEO will be more than just managed; it will be transformed. Expect a personalized strategy, fine-tuned and executed with precision, month after month. Your role? Simply watch as your website climbs in rankings and attracts more traffic. It's SEO made effective, efficient, and entirely hands-off for you.


SEO Strategy

Tailored strategies designed specifically to boost your site’s ranking and visibility.


Dedicated Campaign Manager

Work with a personal SEO specialist dedicated to your campaign's success.


Transparent Reporting

Receive detailed, transparent insights into the progress and impact of your SEO campaigns.


Full-Scale SEO Expertise

Master every aspect of SEO, from E-A-T and popularity to content and technical optimization, for a comprehensive digital impact.

Loved by over 20+ professionals

Trusted by other experts

“I had the pleasure of working with Marving, and I can confidently say he's an SEO wizard! His expertise and dedication to optimizing websites for search engines is truly remarkable. If you're looking for an SEO expert who is not only highly skilled but also a pleasure to work with, Marving is the one.”

Remi Ceraline

Founder of Online Nutrition & Software Architect

“Having worked alongside Marving in the SEO trenches, I can attest to his deep expertise and innovative approach. He's truly a master of the craft.”

Bastien Bonnamant SEO

Bastien Bonnamant

SEO Specialist

“I have had the opportunity to work with Marving on several of my clients for SEO assignments, and he was always quick to implement quickly implemented and well thought-out SEO strategies to meet customer expectations.”

Angele Eguienta photo

Angele Eguienta

Community Manager

Elevating Your Website's Technical Edge

Identify Critical Technical Issues

Dive into the backend of your site with me. We uncover and resolve deep-rooted technical issues that impede your site's performance, paving the way for improved rankings and user experience.

Enhance Site Speed and Core Web Vitals

I will ensure your site not only loads quickly but also meets Google's standards for responsiveness and visual stability, crucial for both user satisfaction and search engine rankings.

Streamline Your Website's Structure

I restructure your website for optimal discovery and ease of navigation, enhancing both its appeal to search engines and its usability for visitors. A strategically organized website is key to effective indexing and a superior user experience.

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Who Benefits from Our Fully Managed SEO Services?

Busy Business Owners and Managers

Tailored for executives and managers needing SEO expertise to enhance their online presence without investing their limited time.

Online Revenue-Driven Entities

Ideal for entities where online visibility is key to revenue, aiming to amplify their digital impact efficiently.

Websites Facing Competitive Pressure

Perfect for sites struggling in search rankings, requiring targeted SEO strategies to outshine competitors.

Organizations without SEO Specialists

Essential for organizations without in-house SEO specialists, offering expert-driven solutions for their unique digital challenges.

How it works

A Seamless, six-step process tailored for your online growth.


Kickstart Your SEO
Brief me about your site and goals; I'll handle the rest, filling in any gaps.


Custom Strategy Design
I'll create a custom SEO strategy focusing on immediate results and strategic opportunities.


Strategy Onboarding & Approval
Together, we'll review and finalize your SEO plan in a focused consultation call.


Campaign Activation
With your approval, I quickly initiate your campaign, aiming for a complete rollout in 30 days.


Ongoing Progress Tracking
Track your campaign's evolution with real-time updates on key metrics and rankings.


Monthly Reporting & Strategy Sessions
Receive clear, monthly reports from me, and opt for detailed strategy sessions to refine our approach.

Tailored SEO for Maximized Impact

My SEO plans are crafted to align precisely with your business goals, ensuring effective connection with your audience.

Strategic SEO Roadmapping

We begin by enhancing your current position for quick traffic boosts, paving the way for ongoing growth.

Link-Building Excellence

Our diverse link-building strategy strengthens your site's authority, propelling your rankings higher.

Technical SEO Foundations

We focus on technical SEO to ensure your website is perfectly tuned for search engines, enhancing everything from speed to data structure.

Localized SEO Strategies

We boost your local presence, ensuring you're seen in local searches and maps, vital for businesses with community ties.

Conversion Rate Optimization

I don’t just drive traffic; we optimize your site to convert visitors into loyal customers.

Flexible 'À La Carte' Services

Choose from our 'À La Carte' options to tailor your SEO strategy precisely to your business's unique requirements and objectives.

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Marving services was game-changing for Remote Marketer Jobs. Precise, actionable, and efficient insights that propelled our brand's reach!

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Max Eccles

Founder of Remote Marketer Jobs

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