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I help companies in Angers to increase their online visibility and boost their sales through seo
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An SEO expert in Angers

Search engine optimization has become very sophisticated in the last few years. As an SEO expert in Angers, I understand search algorithms and their rapidly adapting artificial intelligence. My SEO processes have stood the test of time (and numerous updates to the core algorithms). I have the experience and industry knowledge to keep your SEO strategy ahead of the web curve.

SEO Consultant

Available in France and Canada

I am available nationwide to help with SEO issues for companies in France and Canada.

For specific areas and how I can help you depending on your location, please visit the following pages:

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Frequently asked questions from the SEO consultant in Angers

SEO consulting in Angers involves working with a search engine optimization expert to analyze your website and ensure that your online presence matches your business goals. The job of the Angers SEO consultant is to uncover opportunities for improvement and propose solutions to help your business get more visibility and sales online.

SEO is clearly the cornerstone of a good digital presence.

To illustrate this, here are no more and no less than 11 reasons why your company absolutely must have an SEO strategy:

  • It is usually the first lever of traffic acquisition;
  • SEO builds trust and credibility for the company;
  • Good SEO is often synonymous with a very good user experience;
  • Local SEO leads to increased engagement, traffic, and conversions;
  • It impacts the entire buying tunnel;
  • SEO helps you understand your users and the web environment;
  • SEO is relatively cost-effective;
  • It is a long-term strategy with an exponential ROI;
  • It is quantifiable;
  • SEO highlights market opportunities;
  • 75% of clicks are on the first 3 organic results, i.e. through an SEO strategy.

It all depends on how competitive your market is, what your business goals are and how long you are willing to wait to get to the top. 

SEO is a marathon not a sprint and it takes time to see results.  If you commit to me on an ongoing monthly basis with a reasonable budget, you can usually get things done.

I recommend starting with a 3-month SEO strategy. Normally, in my experience, the first month is spent solving technical issues and planning. Once you execute the new content and start back linking, it takes a month or even longer to see new keywords and increased rankings. Meet weekly and review the positive and negative changes. Be aware that Google updates the algorithm weekly so you will see fluctuations. 3 months is a good amount of time to analyze your progress.

Off-site SEO analysis

A thorough keyword analysis is the basis of every search engine optimization. In addition, this step includes analysis of competitors, links (internal and external), social media visibility and international and multilingual website usage.

Technical SEO Optimizations

Technical SEO optimizations not only involve the correct use of relevant SEO tags such as title tags, meta descriptions and header tags, but also the improvement of page loading speed and the use of structured data. In addition, they should include verification that search engines can index all relevant pages.

Usability Check

This step involves evaluating the usability of the website. The site must be user-friendly when viewed from a desktop computer or mobile device. Usability for smartphones has become very important. This is evidenced by user behavior studies and several new recommendations from Google in recent months.

Link building

In this step, the information from the off-site analysis is used as a basis for improving the quantity and quality of external links.

Content marketing

Users like to share quality content and link to it. That's why content marketing is a crucial part of an SEO strategy.

Social media marketing

The visibility of a website in social media has a positive impact on search engine rankings, as do backlinks. Therefore, social media marketing should be part of a successful SEO, just like all the previous steps.

All six steps must be implemented in order to achieve high rankings. Usually, results are visible after 4-6 months. So hang in there! The more effort you put in, the faster you will see improvements!

SEO reports are not that complicated. You need to make sure you start with a baseline. How much traffic are you currently receiving, how many keywords are currently ranking on the website, and the overall keyword rankings? In my experience, I set a three-month goal based on these metrics. SEO changes from week to week, so monthly reporting is essential, but be open to allocating resources to the opportunity that may appear each month that will bring money to the bottom line.

Successful SEO relies on generating compelling content and delivering it to your target audience. This means that the type of SEO company you hire must be able to focus on both content marketing and promotional strategies. Apart from the technical aspects, SEO is considered a digital popularity contest. Who knew the cool kid would win?

The same methods used by developers and SEO experts a decade ago won't cut it in today's world of evolving search engines. Making sure your keywords, meta tags and other back-end optimization tasks are essentially basic maintenance now.

Search engines, especially the big ones like Google, keep users coming back to their site by providing exactly what they are looking for when they need it. So we can envision a generalized view of categorizing users into two labels:

  • Happy users: These are the users who were able to find their answers quickly, most likely on the first page.
  • Unhappy users: These unhappy users have to go through several pages before finding what they are looking for.

Google is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience, which is one of the main reasons it uses over 200 metrics or ranking factors to determine page relevance when matching users to content. This means that your marketing strategies must incorporate several of these factors in order for Google's search bots to properly read your website and ensure accurate rankings in their search engine results page (SERP). Key pointing factors should include:

  1. Content Relevance: Achieved through effective content marketing
  2. Link Authority: Obtained through online link building, directory and citation management and content marketing
  3. Link Relevance: Achieved through appropriate online outreach, public relations and content marketing